Tuesday, June 27, 2006 : 1:22 AM

My heritage

Mom and I went to Outback tonight, this night which is a year from when Dad died. We had a nice time at dinner. And then we went back to her place and enjoyed an evening with friends and newfound friend-neighbors who saw my signs and web page to come see the exotic Queen of the Night flowers on her front porch that open after 7:30 pm and last for one night. My interest in sharing the beauty with others--even strangers--comes from Mom.

The last time I was at Outback was on Father's Day of 2004, I snuck this photo, capturing one of the most beautiful things in my life: my parents' love for and commitment to the Lord, here reflected in yet another not-from-script thanking God for the food before us, for loved ones, for caring for us. "Caring for us"--he regularly expressed that, even knowing his life was being shortened by cancer. I remember choking up when taking the photo, drinking in the beauty of the moment and also knowing what a precious thing I was capturing for a time such as right now.

In searching through Dad's collection of photos on his computer, I came across an old Phoon photo. I also came across this photo I took of them while we were next to each other at a stop light in Oct 2003.

They didn't always look like that or behave like that...but they knew I'd probably laugh if they hammed it up just for me. They were right. And with as many painful things as there are that could be remembered, many of our making, it's good to remember the good stuff and to forgive. That's something they taught us, too.

I love you, Mom and Dad.


Anonymous Joanne said...

Thanks for capturing so many wonderful things in one blog! Loved all the pictures, and am glad you got to celebrate Dad last night.

8:14 AM, June 27, 2006  
Anonymous Mom said...

Thanks John. I needed to loosen up some tears that were stored for such a time as today. Your blog and photos broke the dam, and all the tears are washed away in a flood. What a perfect tribute to your Dad. Just look at the care on his face (the one in prayer I mean). I am so thankful that all my kids miss their Dad.

1:55 PM, June 27, 2006